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Thursday, August 12, 2010


He was hard-bodied but a little reticent to converse.
I found the entire experience to be wanting.
Comrades, battery failure and gale-force winds sent this Russian Spy home before all objectives were achieved. Guess they just don't make spies like they used to. More here.


Bangar said...

Very subtle Nat, I wonder how any people will see.

YsambartCourtin said...

Woohoo! More pls :)

Bondiboy66 said...

Hmm the 'bird'seems to be a family trait! (err...assuming the facially pierced lass is your daughter...)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a giant arse behind Mr Pirate. Not sure why you'd want to hire one of those :)

yankeedog said...

Can I have money for ride tickets? Can I have a Dagwood Dog? Can I have two showbags? Can we go look at the tractors? Can I get one of those Confederate flags for my bedroom? Can I have a lemonade?

Love the pics-the badly assembled rides, the gaudiness of the midway (sideshow alley to you), the overpriced wrinkly old hot dogs. Ahh-some things must be universal-like fairs and carnivals!

You and Sam are very nearly as subtle as an armored division plowing through a swamp. :) :P
Hadn't realized we were going in that direction.

(gesturing with two fingers, palm toward me, British style) Back at you both!! :)

Seriously though, great pics. Thanks for the trip to the fair, Nat! Most enjoyable.

Dr Yobbo said...

Needs moar carneys. Excellent sausage provision though.

Barnesm said...

Great series of pics, though looks more like an African rather than European sausage

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm sausage!


Steve said...

That pirate looks like a patron of Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.

(since most of you probably don't get that, let me just say, think amputated limbs while on an amusement ride)

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