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Saturday, August 14, 2010


The William Jolly Bridge in Brisbane connecting North Quay to South Brisbane.
It was a cracker of a day in Brisbane so Me and the Mini-Spy went for a road trip into Fortitude Valley to replenish the coffee supplies from the Merlo Factory on James Street. On the way home we decided to take a detour to Bent Books in West End; so instead of hanging a left onto the Story Bridge like usual, we honked down Ann Street and over the William Jolly. Please do excuse the excessive squealing at the beginning of the film. The Mini-Spy was just a little bit excited to be on the same street that her beloved Parkway Drive had made a film-clip. I did attempt to point out some of the landmarks that may have been of interest to overseas visitors but the Mini-Spy was in charge of the camera and had a completely different point of view as you will soon see. Clearly, my predilection for people watching has rubbed off on the little one. Click here for head-spinning footage of Brisbane.


Anonymous said...

That made me quite home sick. And just a little dizzy.


Steve said...

Wow, Brisbane has really amazing....road striping. And steering wheels. And car radios.

I will say this...she was totally correct in trying to film the tool in the Ghostbusters shirt. She was just a complete failure in actually capturing the tool in the Ghostbusters shirt.

And someday, an invading army will enter Brisbane using this video as their guide. They will subsequently get totally lost, at which point the defending Australian army will wipe them out.

Moko said...

Christ, got some stories about the Downunder Bar at the Palace.

Barnesm said...


You need to do more of these.

Dr Yobbo said...

'Parkway Drive' is a tautology. As is 'Shit emo band'.

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

ABE: Yeah ole Brissie still does it for me too :-D

STEVE: Ha! I am intrigued by your intrigue...the road stripes? Yah...a bit of a tango on Ann Street with a variety of bus lanes that you can't cross into etc etc...I bet the driving on the left spins you out. Tell me more...and yeah Sam was pretty funny with the people she picked out to spy on. She's worse than Channel Nine News with all the torso shots of big people walking the streets of the city.

BARNES: Yeah man they are fun to do. Thinking of putting on the face and doing a VLOG!

YOBBO: I've a feeling that my stealthing daughter is about to pop her comment cherry in this space. Doc as much as I agree, I would duck for cover. Righteous-teen-defence-mode about to be launched. It won't be pretty.

Steve said...

Well, it's just that I saw more road striping than I saw of the rest of the city. I, personally, would have enjoyed seeing the Masonic Hall. And...and....that other building you pointed at. I will say this, with the differences in which we paint the roads, aside from the crosswalks, if I ever did drive down there, I reckon I would get into a heinous accident.

Driving on the left isn't that unusual, I've seen BBC America, and the occasional Bond movie.

Bondiboy66 said...

Parkway Drive? Who the fuck are they? I should ask my neice, she'd know. Are they another teen girly band like Short Stack? My neice loves them. Thankfully my sons hold up the musical taste end of the family...mostly. If it's metal they are happy. Although son number 2 likes Celtic/Viking Metal and classical. Go figure. And my 5 year old likes The Wiggles, Rammstein and most things Rock and or Roll. He also likes Peter Paul and Mary doing 'Puff the Magic Dragon', even if he does get a little teary at the end of the song.

So Nat, having much success giving up the durries (he asks after reviewing the film evidence)?

Bangar said...

Entertaining Nat and Mini Spy.

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