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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


As discussed in this forum before I have a love of all things TULL; which is what happens when people who use big words grow a beard and pick up a flute and a codpiece. Suddenly concept albums about horses seem like a good idea. Named after the inventor of the seed drill, TULL sounds both sexy and agrarian at the same time. Whilst young girls in my day lamented along with Janis Ian's 'At Seventeen' I aligned myself with young fellas despairing about slim-hipped Gold Coast lads slipping their tongues into nubile beach babes. But not for reasons you think. The TULL was a chance for disenfranchised youths to feel superior. Here was music for teens with artisitc pretensions. You couldn't dance to it, you couldn't pash off to it and it was too hard for your garage band to play. Their songs went for 20 minutes so they had to be intelligent! Bugger Dylan. 'Thick as a Brick' bangs on for half an hour and it still makes no sense. It's hard finding people to admit they're TULL fans. Like buying shares in Telstra being a TULL fan is an embarrassing secret not many will admit to. But I have no such pretensions. CHECK OUT MY VIDEO.


Dr Yobbo said...

Ah 70s prog. Nightmarish. Last time any of them were heard of was the season of Top Gear a few years back where the Stig did all his hot laps with obscure prog rock from the Clarkson Collection cranked on the stereo.

I have a very 70s heavy CD collection... but not so much of the Tull therein.

Anonymous said...

Most enjoyable Nat, thanks.

Steve said...

My cousin was/is a HUGE Tull fan. Because of this, I could never take them seriously because my cousin was also so unbelievably weird (he's in his 40's, and has been trying to write a novel...the same novel....since he was 20), so his musical interests were suspect.

One of the girls on the soccer team which I coach is named Tull (last, not first). I came *this* close to asking her if she was related to Jethro. I doubt she would've gotten it, but her dad probably would've rolled his eyes.

Jyggdrasil said...

My name is Jason, and I like Tull. A friend of mine got me started back in the early 90s. I hardly see him anymore, but I have my own Tull now.

Barnesm said...

Hi my name is Barnesm,

Hi, Hi....

I have been a Jethro Tull fan for years.

Got all the albums and have almost completed changing them over to digital. Saw them when they came to Festival hall in Brisneyland for the 25th Anniversary tour.

Your Cross Eyed Mary is great, even better than Blackmore's nights Rainbow blues cover.

yankeedog said...

As usual, nice work with the cover. Very talented, you are!

If I had a band, I'd name it 'Henry Holt'. He invented the track system used on dozers and tanks and all kinds of other neat stuff. All Tull invented was a seed drill. Big deal.

Flinthart said...

I've been to two separate Tull concerts. I play the flute. I am known, from time to time, to exercise a not inconsiderable vocabulary. I have a beard... so, what - I need to get a codpiece?


I like the band, and their music. Even Thick As A Brick.

Bondiboy66 said...

I'm a Tull philistine. Sorry. And my prog rock leanings tend more to King Crimson. And let's face it - it's hard to look 'rock' whilst playing a flute.

It's even harder to look 'rock' whilst playing the bagpipes or even less whilst playing the hurdy-gurdy...try looking up a band called 'Eluvitie', they are a Swiss band who play an odd mix of traditional Celtic mixed with metal (complete with cookie monster vocals in Gaelic no less). One of my sons is a fan.

Steve said...

I saw a Scottish-style rock band that included bagpipes, and pulled it off quite well. They kind of looked like Metallica, and did a great cover of "Under the Milky Way Tonight." But, I couldn't see myself keeping their stuff on constant listening rotation.

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

YOB: Yes one of the most painful of all rock excesses...but Tull hung in there after Yes and ELO buggered off to soundtrack heaven.

BANG and BARNES: Thanks boys! Would you mind heading back over there and rating it for me? It was damn note-perfect except for the the last few measures and some buggers only gave it a two and a three out of five! BASTIGES!

STEVE: There was a certain fan element who were obsessed with mortality and chronic masturbation. Oh and you know how I feel about bagpipes in rock...and tubular bells.

DOCTOR J: I was late to discover it too. Never mind!! Your secret is safe with me.

YANKEE: Perhaps you should plan out a Holt concept album then?

FLINT: Well I saw your legs at the Rocky Horror Picture Show so I'm certain a codpiece wouldn't be too much of a stretch!

BONDI: *splutters* WHAT??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Any man that can stand on one leg whilst simulataneously airing his bits and pieces is a ROCK GOD in my world. Ha!!

ALL: Now get back over there and rate it for me you buggers. Damn I'm proud of my playing in that one (considering I haven't picked up the fretless in a year) One of these days a group of 40 something rockers will want me in their band.

Bondiboy66 said...

ACtually Bon Scott looked very 'rock' playing the bagpipes on the back of a truck in Adelaide (or was it Melbourne?). But the hurdy-gurdy is not, and never shall be, 'rock'.

I must check out the vid clip when I get home. Pity you aren't in Sydney Nat - you could have had a 40 something guitarist for the band (me!).

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

It is a shame BONDI! I've just placed an ad in Rave Magazine. Last time I placed an ad I auditioned for Chick Flick. The guitarist thought I was great but the lead singer thought I was too mature. Should have gone pissed!

Steve said...

Pissed, and perhaps set something on fire. Like the lead singer's trousers.

Chronic masturbation, Tull, and my cousin probably all do have a connection, seeing as how due to the way my cousin looks, the only way anyone would have sex with him is if he first clubbed them over the head and chained them up in his basement.

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