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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


 My girl is home and safe and promises never to pull a swifty again on me when the goin' gets tough. One of the reasons I was so shocked that she up and left was that things here in the world of teen-dom had been going swimmingly. For example: she's recently been giving a lot of serious thought to her career. At the start of the year we attempted to get her hairdressing apprenticeships and the like but she showed no real zeal for any of her ideas. Anyways she announced to me a few weeks ago that she was upgrading herself from general Art to OP Art and wanted to enrol herself in a creative arts course at TAFE to be done in year twelve in conjunction with her regular studies. This blew me away to see her showing some initiative and I encouraged her enthusiastically. Then last night she upped the ante and made me beamingly proud. You see she has been assigned an art project in which she has to present the theme 'political power' in a number of mediums. To my dismay she opted for the Nazi Regime (but that's just me getting the shits with other regimes not getting a corn-holing - though I guess we probably all get a jones at one point or another for the topic) but what blew me away was her desire to really understand how the Nazis did it. It would have been really easy for her to google a bunch of images and recreate them but no: she's decided to read up on Nazi propaganda and produce other possible persuasive images and slogans in poster form. For those of you with brilliant children this might seem like nothing but for me it's a milestone. She normally only ever does the barest of minimums in assignment work and to see her attack this with such zeal and desire to understand warms the cockles of me heart! She's also reading the Zombie version of Pride and Prejudice but hates Jane Austen. MWAH


jennicki said...

Your daughter rocks, Nat.

My dad famously (in our family, at least)wrote a paper in college in defense of the persuasiveness of Nazi propoganda.

His prof gave him a "B" --just above average--and told my dad he couldn't, as a Jewish man, give him the full "A" out of principle.

Your daughter's finding her way. Must be a cool and nerveracking thing to watch unfold.


Terrific news Nat - hope it all goes well

@jen - nothing like the impartiality of academic rigour!

NowhereBob said...

My teen has decided she will be a journo. OK says me - truth & justice & the fourth estate ect. Nope free tickets to concerts & handbag / shoe reviews.
Oh the humanity!
Glad to see she's putting one in front of the other & going somewhere, rather than resigned to a life of dolling out The Colnels finest.

Nautilus said...

I am still very new to planet parentdom, but it seems to me that if you knew things from a parental perspective when you were a kid, you would do things very differently.

Glad she is back and she sounds like a bright kid that just needs to find that motivating spark.

Bondiboy66 said...

Must be nice to have her back - and coming out with stuff like you describe! As Nautilus said, sometimes bright kids just don't know which way to channel their energies and talents...sometimes they need a little help steering.

Flinthart said...

Nat -- fantastic to hear she's back on track, for the pair of you.

Now - since she's looking into Nazi propaganda and persuasive techniques in general, help her look into Ferdinand de Saussure, Roland Barthes, and particularly, into semiotics and semantics: Charles W Morris is the ground-level there.

This is complicated stuff, and will take a bit of hammering to get through - but once you begin to understand, it offers The Keys To The Kingdom. Seriously. This is Dangerous Knowledge.

yankeedog said...

Well done to her, Nat!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear Nat.

Lou said...

Great news Nat. Sounds like she'll find her way.

Chaz said...

Good news Nat. Nazi and Soviet style propaganda had very effective styles. Very good form an advertising point of view!! Hmm wonder if I could convert it to real estate?!

Dr Yobbo said...


That's all I got. Sorry. But Huzzah! anyway.

YsambartCourtin said...

My line on careers is:

Part One: You are going to be doing SOMETHING a lot of hours a week to earn money. Do something you like, and life is cool. Do something you hate, and you will hate life.

Part Two: If you are lazy, you will hate life. Becuase you are not smart enough to be lazy well.

Abe said...

Happy for you Nat!

Girl Clumsy said...

Great news for you Nat. How wonderful she's found an interest. I think you're right about getting keen on Nazis in your teens - I know I won an academic prize one year, and the book I chose was about the rise of the Third Reich.

Of course, the other one was The Hamlyn Book of Punishment and Torture, so you can imagine what kind of a teenager I was.

Anneal said...

I've got an 18 year old son I could trade ya..hell, you can just have him..ok?

Good Luck Nat.....(hey..check your mail...ok?)

Steve said...

If she wants to do a study of Evil Regimes, I think the New York Yankees should have been considered.

Barnesm said...

I'm so leased to hear that she's back home. It sounds like both of you are happier.

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

Damn it you people are the best. If you click the SAMMY GIRL link in RUSSIAN RECONAISSANCE she has posted an apology but truth be told she's not entirely to blame for the skirmish. I have to remember that she needs me now as much as when she was a baby.

BARNESM: Yes indeed...and very relieved.


ANNEAL: No thanks mate!

GC: Yes I remember getting all hot under the collar about it in Year Eleven Modern History.

ABE, LERM, BANG and YANKEE: Cheers maties!

BART: I've always loved your simple but powerful expressions.

YOBBO: Huzzah! Right back atcha!

CHAZ: I thought it had already been done? ;-)

NAUT and BONDI: Exactly! She's finally found something that gets her intrigued. Says a lot about the school system no?

FLINT: I'm grateful for those suggestions. I've given her the heads up on that angle of research.

BOB: Handbag and SHOES??? Oh lord that sounds like the Sunday Bloody Evil Mail. No seriously...with a Dad like you I know she won't be satisfied with fluff.

JEN: Your comment made her smile. Thanks darlin'!

Anonymous said...

hung over this morning?

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

CHAZ: Most ill my friend.

Anonymous said...

I'll type softly then...

Therbs said...

Just hooked into this. Nat, she seems to have picked up some smarts, as well as the teen stuff. That's pretty good going with the propaganda idea. It rocks!

Havock21 said...

FKN HELL, Glad all is back in its proper ORBIT, well done spanky..very well done

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