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Friday, September 4, 2009


Mum and I are making the trek to Melbourne on the 8th until the 11th of September. I would be most grateful for any suggestions as to great places to see and things to do. Mum has already flagged a drive along the Great Ocean Road but apart from that the only thing we have planned at present is shopping at the Victoria Markets. She would also like to see a show. I'm looking at you Barnes, Bangar, Naut, Guru...HAVOCK? The last time I was in Melbourne it was for a day trip only and I did the tour of the MCG and snaffled a tuft of grass so a trip to Jolimont station ain't high on the list of priorities. Also it might be nice to catch up for a coffee if we can swing it.


Nautilus said...

Scienceworks has a Star Wars exhibition that is supposed to be good. There is a day in Pompeii on at the museum (close to Vic Market). You could head up to Kinglake and eat at the bakery there and then onto a few Yarra Valley wineries.

Warnie the Musical was the only show I have been to in years so I am no help there.

Talk a walk through the city and check out some of the laneways.

The Great Ocean road is a bit of a hike, it doesn't really start until you get to Lorne. You are looking at a very full day there.

I am sure Bob would have some great ideas as well.

I will keep thinking.

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

Thanks buddy. I've booked tickets for Chicago so the show is all sorted...and yeah as much as I'd like to do the Great Ocean Road I reckon it's going to be a long haul considering we've only got two uninterrupted days in Melbourne. I like the look of the laneways though. Much more my pace.

Barnesm said...

Good that you are going to catch some live theatre while you are in town. The Melbourne Aquarium is right int he centre of town and the immigration museum is good. Unfortunately most of my activities in the town are geared around the 7-10 age group.

A spin to the top of the Eureka Town for a breathtaking view, the VIC market is worthwile. for a trip around town at no cost there is a city circle tram that scoots around the CBD.

Pellegrienes for hard core coffee, but theres certainly no shortage of places for caffination.

I'd pass the baton to Bib GuruBob on the best eats and drinks.

Anonymous said...

I think following Guru Bob's lead on food and drink is a good call, the Great Ocean Road is worth it but that will be your trip gone. I haven't been to Healesville Sanctuary for a long time but if your out in the Yarra Valley could be worth a go.

Abe said...

If you have a car there, drive up to Beechworth for a pie at Tom the Tool's Bakery or have a steak at the Green Shed Bistro on Camp St.

When you feel like a beer go to the Nicholas and ask in a Dutch accent, "I'd like to see Nick" while your left index finger is in your right nostril (or vice versa).

My oldest says you should go to the ice cream lolly shop just across High St from the Nicholas...towards Ford St (main drag).

Abe said...

Sorry - Palm should be OPEN when you have your finger inserted into your nostril. Fingernail should be hard against septum and palm should be're trying to look conspiratorial. That's the look you are aiming for.


yankeedog said...

Can't offer much-never been to Melbourne, but enjoy the trip! Get pics for the out-of-towners, if you would.

Steve said...

Melbourne sucks, it's full of old cranky people telling you to get the hell off their lawns.

Wait, you mean Victoria? I thought you meant Florida. My bad. I hope your Melbourne is better.

You need to head over to Geelong and get a photo of yourself in the parking lot of the stadium where the Cats play. Make it happen!

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

STEVE: If the trip were longer I would make the pilgrimage to Kardinia Park (now Skilled Stadium) but alas I think the Great Ocean Road (which I still can't convince Mum is more than a day's trip) is going to suck the time up. Oh and I had NO idea there was a Melbourne in Florida...when I was looking up rental cars that location came up BEFORE the one in Victoria...go figure.

YANKEE: I may even get video footage from the tram!

ABE: Fuck you make me laugh. What a visual!

BANG: The Yarra Valley sounds beautiful but alas am not a wine drinker and probably wouldn't appreciate it!

BARNES: Yes spots I intend to sample all over...intend to do Lygon Street in a big way.


You should overnight on the great Ocean Road. Dandenongs are nice. I'd just hit the clubs though!

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

LERM: That's what everyone keeps telling me! But I can't convince the old lady. Her old man told her you could do it in a day and well...let's say it's hard to un-convince her.

Anonymous said...

Nat if you are doing the road get a nice car ie something sporty a lot of corners there. Melbourne to Warnabool is an eight hour drive one way, so pick your turn around/escape to the highway before you set off.

Bondiboy66 said...

I've only been to Melbourne once, and then for only a few days around New Years (went down for the tickets from a sister in law, saw Warney et al in their last test), so I'm no expert. And having a two year old, mother in law and aunt in tow meant I have no idea of night life.

Vic. Markets are nice - get there early and have THE best fresh jam doughnuts in creation from the van that's there. Had them every day and put on about a stone in three days. Tram to St. Kilda to see what passes for a beach in Melb.s. The aquarium was excellent. Take a boat ride on the Yarra (only river to flow upsidedown you know!). Walk about and enjoy th old architecture - the sort of buildings Sydney developers bulldozed years ago. Have coffee on Lygon St. and avoid Underbelly-esque gangsters. Thats all I can think of for now.

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

BANG: Excelltent info mate. Ta.

BONDI: Jam doughnut boy? You adorable man. Coffee on Lygon is a must I hear and I promise to avoid anyone that might look Italian...

Anonymous said...

I forgot Nat, time of day!!! Miss the peak hour, and have a Melways and a GPS (hire car should have a Melways check your route). Depending on where you're staying Geelong may be an hour away (and ten years behind). Hope we can all get together, would be good. Cheers Bangar.

Steve said...

Florida does indeed have a Melbourne. And let's put it this way, there would actually be social security money left for me in 30+ years if a great flood came along and washed away Melbourne and all of its residents.

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