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Monday, August 31, 2009


Writing again today from a secret location. My new computer is ready for me to pick up and posting should resume to normal soon enough. It's been hard going without my daily dose of the Flange Gasket. You know one of the features that I liked about JS was that you were able to keep a track of visitors to your site: whether that be by username or IP address. Unfortunately blogspot doesn't have the ability to do such things which makes it difficult to block the nutbags that lurk about this pixelated world. The only way I can keep a track of visitors is via the feedjt web traffic widget installed at the bottom of this page. It keeps a record of the origin of visitors according to their city and country as well as the google search terms people use to land on this site. I have observed a disturbing trend as of late. I seem to be getting a LOT of visitors searching for 'spy shitting'. Somehow the machinations of Google has picked up on my username and an entry about giving birth (in which I described the sensation as being akin to 'shitting a watermelon sideways') and suddenly Uncle Pervy is in my corner of cyberspace. So to all of you with a keen interest in morning ablutions: you won't find secret camera footage of cigar fish splashing the surface here. Freaks.


Dr Yobbo said...

Spy shitting? JFC on an inflatable tricycle, the things people need to look at in order to get a rise out of themselves.

Daily installments of da Flange would possibly break the internet, if not me. Though good Flange is worth its weight in... well, something anyway.

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

YOB: Yes it's obvious you put a hell of a lot of work into the Flange...I tend to read your entries in bits and pieces on a daily basis. As for your first comment...yeah...kinda leaves me breathless ;-)

Anonymous said...

The downside of google?

Anonymous said...

Soooo disappointed!

Uncle Freaky.

Anonymous said...

Actually that was me. And no. Not really disappointed.


Domestic Daze said...

Yes anonymous Freaks, bugger off. We have our own carefully selected freaks in our own little world here thank you very much.

Gotta love the google Nat. Run by the same committee that designed the camel.

yankeedog said...

Gmail does the same thing, sort of. I write to my brother about something regarding his addition and ads come up for building products. I don't need the ads-HE's the one building stuff!!

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

BANG: Mwah!

ABE: You can get freaky here anytime babe!

DD: Yeah I like my freaks in the flesh where I can see them ;-)

YANKEE: Yeah GMAIL has a nasty habit of sneaking into your messages...why only a few weeks back Mum and I were discussing banana cake recipes and suddenly the ads were heralding the merits of using fruit as sex aids. Ahem.

Nautilus said...

It's good to see that you understand your demographic Nat.

Barnesm said...

Yes indeed looking forward to more frequent NatV posts.

"spy shitting'I don't want to know, ..well maybe not,... I'll just go google,....

no I didn't want to know.

Will now be adding Flange Gasket to my list of bloggs to follow

Bondiboy66 said...

You want to try Metaspy (assuming it's still about) - it's a constnat feed of what people were looking up on some search engine or other...crikey some of the stuff people would type in. You'd think with my employment history I'd have learned not think I'd seen it all...the moment you think that then some other weirdness will pop up to surprise you. And not always in a good way.

Steve said...

That might've been me. Every day, I google something freakier and freakier to see if it gives me you as a possible hit. I think I'm going to try and incorporate fishing into my search.

Anneal said... that the secret posting location is out (outhouse photo)...hope you are in the upstairs portion.
Keep telling ya...Keepconnectedlive now has that can keep track of EVERYONE there..AND the freaks outside of that world too! Perhaps that would be TMI?

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

ANNEAL: My stats don't work over at KCL. What am I doing wrong?

STEVE: Speaking of fishing...guess what? I'm now an officially published author! That article I wrote about the fishing trip to Hervey Bay has been included in this month's edition of Bush'n'Beach here in Queensland!!!

BONDI: I'm still trying to get my head around it. What on earth is so arousing about number twos???

BARNESM: The Flange is the best read.

NAUT: Yeah maybe I should attend to their needs a little more huh?

Bondiboy66 said...

I hear to tell the Japanese and Germans rather fancy this Number Twos business...a cultural thing maybe?

Steve said...

Bondi, yes, that whole fetish is the one area where I feel shame for my German heritage. The internet did not help the reputation of the Germans.

And Nat....awesome news, congratulations!

Anneal said...

Contact Evilfury, or Matt and He can help you. It is sometimes a problem with the layout you are using. I had the same issue, and he alterred the code to get it to work.

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