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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This drives me bloody mental! I only have webcam capacity for shooting video and bugger me if I can get the picture and audio to sync! ARRGGH. I recorded the video on the laptop as an AVI file, burnt it to disc, saved it on the PC and then converted it to an MPEG to reduce it's size. Any ideas where I am going wrong? Perhaps I need to compress the audio on the webcam? May have to invest in a serious video camera. Anyways, this is me having a stab at an old song by Andrew Gold recorded in 1977. This is the same guy that wrote the theme for the Golden Girls. Heard it in the chemist today, came home, searched the net for the sheet music and after two hours of fucking around this is the result. Don't laugh! Didn't major in piano or singing at uni. Very amateurish. Like my recording set-up.


Abe said...

Loved it. Every second.


I'm with Abe - Great Stuff

Lou said...

You're very talented Nat, great stuff. Would love to hear some more please.

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

You are all bloody way too kind! Listen to it with your eyes closed and it's OK.

Abe said...

I have tried each combination of listening to it while watching, watching with the sound down and listening with my eyes closed. Each was pretty f*cken good, if I can be so bold.

Barnesm said...

"Very amateurish"

nonsense it's brilliant.

And for all the frustrations in setting it up and finding the music the satisfaction and frission of delight when you see it up I bet that's a better feeling than anything else that has happened today.

Thank you for putting it up

Flinthart said...

Sounds very sweet, NatV. But as for syncing A and V... that's damned tricky with a webcam. Best bet might be: set the webcam, and also record with a cheap MP3player/voice recorder. You can get 2gig off-brand devices now for forty or fifty bucks, with condenser mikes that will shit all over your webcam for quality, and they will record in MP3 at 256k if you like.

So: you take the webcam recording, and you pick it up with Windows Moviemaker (free in every Windows distro). You turn the sound on the webcam recording all the way down. Then you grab your MP3 recording, cut it to proper length with simple freeware (like Audacity) and drop it onto the Moviemaker timeline to sync with the video.

Allow Moviemaker to output the result as a WMV file... and you should be able to get pretty close.

Domestic Daze said...

Brilliant Nat, no one gives a rat's about the sync, so don't let it worry you. You have a beautiful voice too.

P.S. Please just take the compliments, ok? I mean them.

yankeedog said...

You've a good-sounding voice and you tinkle on the keys pretty well!

Thank you Nat--don't ever stop using your talents!!

I can't help you much with the video stuff. I do know that uploading vids onto YouTube from my camera takes a bloody long time. I was wondering if getting some sort of movie software would help with file size. I might have to try Mr Flinthart's suggestion myself.

Steve said...

I didn't hear anything bad, but I can't watch video at work so I won't be able to pass judgement until I see this at home. ;)

But, if it's anything like your other musical projects, I have no doubt it will be nothing less than pretty damn good.

The Rhino said...

Awesome ... Now, if you can do that while catching a 10 kilo fish, that'd be something!

Oh, and can you wear that special latex outfit the next time you do one of these. You know the one ... on the back shelf of the closet - second box on the left.


Anonymous said...

Nat, very good (as always), although for once I can actually see what someones posted as a vid feed!!

Found you landlegs again? :)

Anonymous said...

Nat lovely work, more would be great.

Anonymous said...

Have watched again and the vid itself is good and has atmosphere mainly because of the background..and of course the lovely chanteuse!

Steve said...

OK, I was finally able to watch/ tell me why YOU weren't leading that trio you were in years ago, instead of the human sausage roll that fronted that act, that liked to sing "Send In The Clowns"?

hughesy said...

Hey natski
when are you going to come up here to do your pomona cemetery research, bring along your double bass and have a bit of a sing song with me and G-man? I'll polish up up me cello for the occasion.
C-mon, you know you want to.
Promise I'll set up a ridgy-digital camera to record the proceedings.

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

Thanks everyone!

HUGHESY: I have a set of decent wheels now so I can make the trip...Birmo mentioned at Felafel that I should have invited myself up at Easter but felt that was a bit presumptious of me!

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