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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My computer is dead and am writing this whinge from a secret location. I ask you today: when exactly did customer service go out the door? And when did we all accept this? It seems these days that businesses are only interested in what conveniences them. I just rang a computer store to prepare me a quote that I could pick up at a later date. I didn't want to sit in the shop for hours being bamboozled by some dickhead salesman. I had a detailed list of the exact specs I required but was informed I would have to make myself present in order to gain the quote. This was announced most unapologetically. No wonder I get so pissed off with advertisements on television making out that their lastest time saving device will benefit me. I say bullshit people! Ever been on the phone to a telecommunications company to get help only to be disconnected after half an hour of waiting? Ever been caught on the Gateway bridge without an E-toll tag because you don't watch commercial television and had no idea that the booths were no longer manned? Ever decided to switch to phone banking to pay your bills to realize they charge you a hefty fee and for the phone call to boot? Have you recently paid rent only to be charged $20 a month to do it via direct debit because they don't want you rocking up to their office every two weeks? Fuck I'm tired of this shit. Please, moan along with me. Before I go nuts and declare war.


MrScribbler said...

I hear ya! Just went through that with my phone/DSL provider. Went on "automatic bill pay" and was told the money would be taken out on the 14th of each month. Today, I get my bill, which says "funds will be withdrawn by the 8th of the month."

I gave up calling their help lines when the "service" reps -- always with names like "Joe" or "Sally" -- wouldn't tell me what the weather was like in Mumbai.

idoru said...

Tell them it's going to cost them $100 to go into their office to get that pc quote, cause you'll be losing that amount on having to cancel work.

every company wants me to switch to direct debit, so I only offer to pay in cash - can't say i didn't offer to pay the bills that way. And why the hell is it dearer, doesn't take 20bucks a month to set up and keep running a direct debit, they're 'aving a bloody laff,mate! plus where does the cash hide in the 3 days it takes an electronic cash transfer to's just bleedin' numbers,guv!!

watch they don't try to fob you off with a dead parrot, I'veheard about these computer shops - run by decendants of cons and £10 poms!

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

SCRIBS: Oh my...did you forget how incredibly important you are to them and how frightfully sorry you had to wait???

ID: Ha! Direct debit fees are a fucking wrought!

Nautilus said...


Telcos are the worst. You can't complain about their customer service because you can sit on hold for 40 minutes and not speak to a cust service rep.

The banks shit me as well. They started charging fees for over the counter transactions to get us to use internet banking as it is cheaper for them. Now we are all hooked net banking they charge fees on that as well. WHY??? I THOUGHT NET BANKING WAS SUPPOSED TO BE CHEAP FOR THE BANKS!!! GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY YOU BASTARDS!!!!!

yankeedog said...

Yeah, I hear ya. Everything that's supposed to make life more convenient ends up not doing so. Seems like the folks who really have customer service down pat are selling things you don't need.

Saw a perfect example of your rant at the Secretary of State's office (in Illinois, that's who handles motor vehicle licenses). An old couple came in, probably right off the farm, and asked the misnamed 'service representative' a question about some license issue or other. The service person referred them to Now anyone could tell that these people didn't have a computer and couldn't tell you how to operate one.

Really, we aren't at the point yet where everyone has some modicum of computer literacy. There still has to be a real person that can answer questions and do things for customers.

But, like many things, I do see the silver lining in the dark cloud. Time to set up YD's School For Learnin' Proper English in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata-so these people can at least half-ass understand us and we them. Who's in this scheme with me?

YsambartCourtin said...

Avoid any company/etc that does this to you.

Businesses: I tend to send letters (posted letters, with stamps!) outlining how the practice is causing me to stop my business with them, and which of their competitors I am going to use.

Use the Ombudman for telcos.

For government departments, use your local member. It's what they are for.

Results may vary, but action beats ranting to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Nat last Thursday I rang Optarse (can you tell they´ve fallen out of my favour?),to activate international messaging, no service on arrival Friday afternoon, cadge a net access and send an email Sunday, Tuesday I start recieving SMSs... for a business phone thatÅ› poor. So as has been said letterÅ› need to be written.

Dr Yobbo said...




Ah shit my name goes on this doesn't it. That's not gonna be convincing.

uamada said...

computer alliance - they have an online system builder and they are at Mt Gravatt. compare the prices to Techbuy and a few other online computer stores.
I agree with you. We get pushed to not use the tellers, so we use the ATMS and get charged, SO we use the Net and we get charged. I currently get hit $2.50 a week to pay my rent into the rental agencies account... I try very hard not to think about too much about it.

Steve said...

Scribbler, you should be asking about the weather in Bangalore. Only the electric company uses service reps in Mumbai.

Flinthart said...

YD: Problem is, the Indian folk I've heard generally have better English than most of the Aussies and all the Yanks I know. What we need to do is not teach 'em better English, but teach 'em how to drawl, slur, and otherwise abuse the language in ways that we can understand.

And NatV: my sympathies. I haven't yet got a surefire means of dealing with these pricks. It's a case by case basis. I'll let you know if I come up with anything good. Meantime... best of luck.

Domestic Daze said...

I love the way everything is made 'easier' for us, and yet we end up getting it in the neck by way of either more charges, or time lost thanks to all these 'helpful' improvements.
I also love reminding people I do have the right to cancel my account and go somewhere else, making sure I let everyone I know what a bunch of crud some companies are.

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