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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Oh my God. Spooks is the BEST SHOW EVER! Having only just cottoned on to it (partly due to the fact that I haven't had Foxtel connected yet) I've entered this TV show halfway through series seven and am in serious farking awe of it. Set in the offices of MI5 British intelligence this show is super slick and lightning paced...the kinds of stories my little spy heart has always dreamed of! Apart from the eye-candy (that would be Mr Richard Armitage pictured above...gggrrrrrrrrr) I'm also in delirious admiration of the main female character Ros Meyers played by Hermione Norris. Now that's some woman! Her steely exterior and razor sharp mind never fails to impress. Has anyone out there seen this series from the beginning?


Dr Yobbo said...

No. I hear they have a penchant for randomly killing off main characters just to annoy their viewers. Makes you wonder how they got to series 7.

Moko said...

I haven't come across it. I like spy stuff.

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

MOKO: Channel Two on Monday nights!

YOBBO: Yes I was reading about that today...I don't mind that myself...kinda reminds me of Birmo.

Anonymous said...

When they turn my book "Natalie Smith the English Spy" into a movie, I think Ms Norris could be the ideal leading lady. Of course she would need to dye her hair black.


Steve said...

I watched the first few seasons, when Keeley Hawes and Matthew MacFadyen were in the main parts, and Jenny Agguter played a minor character. PBS shows it here on Friday nights, but mostly the older seasons, I need to see if they're on any of the newer ones. It's called MI-5 here.

But I agree, it is a very well-done show. And it's spies how they normally are, using their heads and not their brawn as much.

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

ABE: Ooooooo! You still working on that? Brilliant!

STEVE: Indeed the characters are written mind-boggling clever!

Steve said...

It didn't hurt the fact that when I first saw this show, I had an instant crush on Keeley Hawes.

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